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What can i do for you

Who can help

I can do for you:

  • design your site
  • host your site
  • design your network, be it wired or wireless
  • implement your network, wired or wireless
  • protect your network by different layers of protection
  • enable remote access to distant networks by routing _or_ bridging, over secure or unsecure channels, over any internet provider you choose
  • make a wireless site survey of your area for whatever purpose you choose, in 2.4, 5.x or 9xx mhz.
  • whatever crosses your mind linked to networking, filtering and firewalling

  • make product photos
  • make location photos
  • make large location photos on suitable locations - panoramas - eg. 15.000 x 4.000 pixels or more - 50 to 100 megapixels

Try me to see if there is anything else you want and I can do it !

Try also
;) Write me at and see what happens


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